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The rock or wood utilized, the design, and the texture that make up a floor make it visually appealing. In addition to receiving continuous compliments from neighbors and visitors, well-kept, scratch- and smudge-free floors also provide a safe area for kids to play. Floor refinishing, waxing, buffing, and polishing are all diverse methods for repairing worn-out and scuffed floors and bringing back their luster. These procedures clean off dirt and renew the coating. Even though these names are sometimes used interchangeably or can be taken to mean the same thing, each refers to a distinct procedure appropriate for particular floor types. This post will describe each technique, indicate which is suited for each level, and indicate whether you should employ a professional or do it yourself.

Cleaning it- You can apply floor cleaning or waxing products individually with a cloth or cordless mop on the majority of floor types. The majority of residential areas may use these products, and all that is needed before applying them is for the floor to be well-cleaned and dried. The item must state that it is for the sort of flooring you have. Some products are advertised as being appropriate for all types of floors. Although several of these goods have received mainly positive reviews, some customers always feel that hiring a pro would have been preferable.

Features of floor polishing 

  • All types of floors can be manually polished using polishing tools.
  • In the context of floor polishing, a very fast-speed machine (burnisher) is used to remove a portion of the finish layer and produce a high gloss. This is referred to as floor screening on wood floors.
  • In the flooring industry, the most popular technique for polishing floors is called floor buffing, which refers to the use of a reduced-speed device called a buffing device to coat and gloss the surface with a buffing solution.


Floor Polishing
  • Wood, slate, marble, stone, ceramic, VCT, and linoleum can all be polished and buffed with machines, however vinyl, luxury vinyl, and laminate cannot be since these materials can be harmed by machines.


Floor Polishing
  • With sanding and refinishing, the overlay of wood floors is removed to reveal new wood that can either be waxed or stained and sealed with urethane.
  • Another method of sealing and shining a floor is to wax (strip and wax). This is most frequently done on VCT, but it can also be done on earthen floor tiles like ceramic and wood floors that haven’t been urethane finished. Sometimes it’s necessary to remove old layers of wax if they’re making the floor appear dull.
  • With the aid of a concrete polishing machine, the concrete is ground to a bright, smooth finish. To keep polished concrete looking glossy, frequent concrete buffing is done.



Why choose us?

For the ceramic and granite surface from Bonastre, Abu Dhabi Floorings offers environmentally responsible polishing options. We go beyond simply polishing and washing the marble. We can make designer marble flooring’s colors pop. For this work, we utilize the Bonastre Max formula. This environmentally friendly product doesn’t leave an orange-peel impression as other solutions do. Despite having a mirror-like sheen, it does not end up making the marbles slippery either. We have a comprehensive solution for every kind of flooring. Therefore, we can polish your stone, ceramic, or wooden floors whenever it’s convenient for you.