SPC Flooring – Latest Designs !

Homeowners looking for new flooring won’t likely noticed many differences between one year and the next. Companies do release new designs and hues every year, but apart from the MLF market, material development has come to a standstill. SPC pavement is one of the most widely used varieties of multilayer flooring now being produced. Versions are a rare exception to this rule.

Despite the absence of a V in the title, SPC flooring is a type of vinyl. SPC stands for Stone Plastic Combination, and the acronym refers to the core’s makeup. To put it simply, flooring in this category has a solid core, making it a great option for high-traffic areas of your home.

Features of SPC Flooring

  • Our flooring is the most practical, quiet, and quick flooring system because it is simple and quick to place over existing or newly installed floors without creating any dust, noise, or odor. The new floor can be installed in a matter of hours using just basic woodworking skills thanks to the uniclic technology, which precisely locks each panel into place to produce the most spectacular finish.
  • The ultra-tough wear layer is twice as strong as AC4 laminate flooring, offering significantly better coverage against surface abrasion, scratches, and discoloration. It is designed to withstand everyday wear and tear. Our flooring is the ideal option for today’s hectic lifestyle because they are simple to maintain and clean.
  • Our flooring is more sound-absorbing than linoleum and wood floors thanks to their cushion backing and multi-layer polymer content. Our floor is more peaceful and comfortable thanks to superior sound attenuation.
SPC Flooring
  • In contrast to concrete and granite flooring, our floors offer a buffering effect that keeps falling objects from shattering easily. They are also more suited for youngsters and the elderly since they may sustain less damage from a fall and because they feel soft and plush.
  • Unlike inexpensive laminate flooring, which could emit carcinogenic vapors, our floors have no formaldehyde emissions and no dangerous gas emissions. Feel secure walking around our floors with your loved ones.
SPC flooring


You might be capable of putting in SPC flooring on your own if you’re comfortable using power equipment like a rotary saw and don’t have any back problems. Installation is a breeze thanks to the click-lock edges on these sturdy boards. Despite being denser than LVP due to the core, it installs just like engineered hardwood planks or luxury vinyl flooring.

Although the price of expert SPC flooring restoration can be high, it mainly depends on how much carpeting the installers must put in. Pricing should be comparable to the price of installing LVP flooring and is typically calculated per square foot. Also consider additional costs, such as those related to preparation work or moving furnishings.

Why choose us?

To meet your needs or specific sample requirements, Abu Dhabi Floorings can offer tailored services. Additionally, we can manufacture the specific size, color, and surface treatment of SPC flooring that you require. We provide SPC flooring wholesale in addition to customized business; you can place an order for your preferred SPC flooring item from our selection. We can offer you the most competitive pricing since we are a genuine producer of SPC flooring. ​