Floor Sanding Service

The procedure of floor sanding involves taking off the upper surface of your carpeting to reveal a smooth surface. On concrete, vinyl, or wood flooring, this is possible. A surface is frequently prepared for restoration or staining with floor sanding in Melbourne. It’s vital to remember that floor sanding is a rehabilitation project, so you should only undertake it if you’re confident working on do-it-yourself projects and have some construction knowledge. It’s crucial to take care to preserve your possessions and maintain a tidy environment because floor sanding can be a filthy operation.

What Are The Benefits of Floor Sanding?

Floor sanding is an important step in refinishing your floors. By removing the old finish and sanding down the wood to create a smooth surface, you create a surface that is ready for your chosen finish. Floor sanding also opens up the wood grain, which allows the finish to penetrate more deeply, creating a longer-lasting finish.

Bye-bye, base shoe

If a room’s baseboards have quarter-round paneling (also known as “base shoe”), it must be pried off and reconfigured later. This is why edge sanding raises the floor marginally and sets the baseboard on a small plateau. You don’t think you’ll remember, but you will. Edge sanding frequently scuffs the base foot, necessitating later touch-up operation.

Floor Sanding

By removing the base foot, all issues can be avoided. To prevent confusion when reinstalling the base shoe, mark it when you uninstall it. It is better to keep the base shoe in location if it is attached to the baseboard by decades of paint accumulation. If your baseboards are newer and you don’t have a quarter-round, leave it that way, but expect to see many touch-ups.

Floor Sanding

Things to remember 

Some of the prep work is obvious, like removing all the furniture and covering doorways with plastic. Here are some steps DIYers often don’t think of:

  • Cover or plug air grilles to keep dust out of ducts. Turn off the HVAC system at the thermostat; less air movement means less dust traveling around your house.
  • Remove all window coverings and any art on the walls (unless you want to clean them later).
  • Remove doors that open into the room. You can’t completely sand under doors, even by opening and closing them.
  • Raise low-hanging light fixtures; just tie two links of the chain together with wire. Otherwise, you’re guaranteed to bump your head. Repeatedly.
  • Nail down any loose boards with finished nails.
  • When you’re sanding, nail heads will rip the sanding belt (which costs you money) or gouge the sanding drum (which costs you more money). So countersink all nails by at least 1/8 in.
  • To detect nails drag a metal snow shovel across the floor (upside down). When it hits a nail, you’ll hear it.

Why choose us?

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