Parquet flooring – Exclusive Collection!

In other words, one may describe parquet flooring as a symmetrical pattern of wooden planks used for decorative impact. Parquet flooring is a form of wood floors made from bits of wood laid in patterns. It was created to expand the options for beautiful wooden flooring in households. It is a beautiful kind of wood flooring, and it has many advantages. It has a unique attractiveness that sets it apart from other floorings in terms of beauty. Herringbone is one of the most popular parquet flooring patterns. It originated in France in the 17th century and was the first parquet flooring design. There are numerous more patterns than the herringbone, like the brick style, basket, chevron, etc.

Aside from being stylish, the benefit of the herringbone pattern is that it offers the flooring a strong balance, which increases durability because the floor will endure longer as a result of the solidity. Since it enables you to have the conceptual quality and most attractive looks of flooring, it is undoubtedly unique hardwood flooring. It maintains reality while providing conformability and a luxurious appearance.

The parquet can be finished or prefinished.

The parquet needs to be finished to maintain its hardwood surface because, in its unfinished natural condition, it is vulnerable to damage and stains. After the flooring is put in, unpolished tiles are polished, dyed, and refinished on-site. This gives you a wide range of decorative possibilities because you may select the stain color or any sort of treatment you prefer.

Parquet Flooring

Installation and upkeep

We advise hiring qualified installers to set up parquet flooring. You can certainly do it manually, but you must be knowledgeable in DIY. Here are some dos and don’ts for installing parquet flooring if you are an expert DIYer:

  • Avoid using nails. Use a parquet adhesive with a long working duration, preferably 60 minutes, that is of high quality and is urethane-based. You will have ample time to fix the floor tiles if you do this.
Parquet Flooring
  • On concrete slabs, it is best to add a film of polyethylene film.
  • On a work table, cut pieces of wood using a handsaw or rotary saw. Better safety
  • Make certain the subfloor is absolutely level. The flooring may flex under your feet if there is any movement.
  • You don’t need to bother too much about parquet flooring needing care. 2-3 times each week, lightly vacuum the surface. You won’t have to move a muscle if you own one of those vacuuming robots from 2022, as you probably already know.
  • It’s also advised to mop every week or twice a month. Depending on the kind of finish you have, this might also change. 
  • Wooden floors that have been oiled or lacquered might also need a little different maintenance, but nothing too challenging.

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