PVC skirtings Lowest Prices Ever

Gradus provides a wide selection of through-colored PVC skirtings for the best performance and upkeep. They are appropriate for a variety of commercial applications and can be utilized with floor coverings from all major producers.

There are three choices for profiles:

  • Set-In – when fused to the floorcovering, creates an impermeable seal. used with anti-static, vinyl, and linoleum resilient floor coverings. The number of articular surfaces is reduced using coiled set-in skirtings.
  • Most hard floor coverings can be sit-on-fitted over for a tidy finish.
  • Flat – typically carpet or carpet tile placed.

Importance of PVC skirting 

Installing PVC skirting lines is necessary, therefore we must remind everyone to choose quality standards to ensure that PVC skirting lines, especially their material, is installed properly. Of course, there will be fixed installations of screwdrivers, electric burners, wrenches, compressors, and other instruments. The ornamentation of the bent yin and yang corner bordering line and the corners of the yin and yang of the manufacturing mold, according to the size of the mold composition, are placed at the point of the yin and yang corners. A minute or so later, cooling can start to take shape when the furnace is heated to 100 glycerin and 60 degrees, injected into the mold, and then the PVC skirting linked to the mold.

PVC Skirting


  • Durability

Is it enduring? Polyvinyl chloride, a flexible but durable material that has been used for many years, is the material used to make PVC skirting boards. Due to their low melting point, they can be utilized in any environment and offer great fire protection because they won’t ignite under normal conditions (150 degrees centigrade).

  • Suitability

The use of PVC skirting boards in high-rise structures is not recommended due to their degree of flammability and the potential for the discharge of toxic vapors from the materials utilized.

  • Installation simplicity

Installing is simple? PVC skirting board installation is rather simple if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and have a basic knowledge of do-it-yourself mechanics. Although it will take more time than timber or other materials, this shouldn’t be too tough, especially for unskilled homeowners who only sometimes perform their own home modifications. There isn’t much equipment needed; all you need to know is how to use the adhesive according to the directions, and you’ll be ready to go.

PVC Skirting

Highlights of PVC skirting

  • PVC skirting has the advantages of being lightweight and virtually fully water-resistant, making it perfect for retaining heat during the colder months.
  • For those who don’t have the time or want to fuss with wood, the boards are a suitable solution because they don’t require any cleaning or sealing of surface coatings from spillage that occur during food preparation, etc.
  • PVC is a great option if you frequently deal with moisture because it’s also resistant to mold and rot.
  • PVC is non-toxic, thus it’s particularly advantageous for those who are sensitive to toxins in the environment.

Why choose us?

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