Floor Skirting Boards – Don’t wait, just buy 

The tiles or boards that sit at the angle or joint between the floor and the wall are known as skirting tiles. The floor skirting boards make your space appear larger than it is by drawing attention to the ground and up the wall, creating a smooth transition between the two. Numerous varieties of skirting are employed, including metal casing, wooden skirting, continuous skirting, colored skirting, skirting with contrasting colors, pencil skirting, cemented skirting, etc.


Contemporary vinyl flooring is intended to “float” freely as a whole as opposed to the traditional glue-down method. As a result, there are frequently small gaps around the edges of the flooring area to provide it the freedom to do so.

You rarely notice the minute natural motions of vinyl planks under your feet. However, it is important to avoid limiting their normal motions to prevent them from eventually buckling.

However, if left exposed, flooring gaps are frequently ugly. This is where the wall or floor skirting can be useful. Here are four advantages of carpet skirting for the vinyl flooring in your home, each serving practical and aesthetically pleasing reasons to compliment your flooring.

PVC Skirting

The function of skirting boards

  • To prevent harm to the intersection of the floor and wall.
  • To avoid leaving scuff marks on the walls when vacuuming and sweeping.
  • Cover the void between the wall and the floor.
  • To improve the appearance of the residence
  • Leave some room between the furniture and the wall.
  • Keep furniture free of stains.
  • Cover up any open or exposed wire inside.
PVC Skirting

Features of skirting boards 

  • Safeguards the Wall

Have you ever noticed stains on the walls caused by extremely old furniture? If you look at the specified places, you might see that there was no flooring skirting built there at all. Useful space is created between the wall, flooring, and furniture by floor skirting. This is crucial for the long-term preservation of the walls of your home.

  • Fills in Spaces Between Flooring and Wall

There may appear to be voids between the pavement and the wall in your home occasionally, giving the impression that the flooring was not done properly. Be aware that the gaps were purposefully made to provide for the expansion or shrinkage of the flooring before you call your contractor to complain.

  • Covers the gap 

For a continuous flooring surface, these minuscule holes can be filled in with floor skirting, which also stops water from penetrating. Floor skirting, which is made of entirely waterproof vinyl material, makes sure that the detrimental effects of Singapore’s high humidity don’t harm the basis of your floors and walls. Additionally resistant to termites is its vinyl construction.

  • The overall look 

Floor skirting may significantly alter the appearance of a blank wall and add color to a dull home. If done well, it may even be regarded as the interior design focal point of a home. One may absolutely combine and coordinate the layout of their floor with PVC, laminated uPVC, and vinyl carpet skirting goods that come in a wide choice of colors and designs.

Why choose us?

We at Abu Dhabi Floorings have expertise in providing our clients with their desired home interiors and especially, floor skirting. We not only guarantee that they will survive for a very long time, but also that they will be simple to keep and have color durability, making cleaning them easy and saving you the expense of purchasing new tiles frequently.

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