WPC Flooring – Lowest Prices Ever 

Although the letter “W” in WPC represents wood, traditional wood isn’t truly a component of this sort of flooring. However, it is a composite material that combines heated thermoplastic resins and wood flour or fibers. When taken as a whole, these materials outperform other traditional flooring kinds in terms of maintenance, toughness, and water resistance. The four basic layers make up WPC typically:

Despite the fact that WPC stands for “wood plastic composite,” very few WPC floors really include any wood. The majority have stiff stone polymeric composite (SPC) or solid plastic combination (SPC) cores. The addition of the stiff core sets WPC apart from traditional Vinyl Plank in a significant way.


  • Don a Layer

This layer, which is similar to that found in regular vinyl flooring, is made to shield your flooring layer from bumps, scuffs, and stains. The denser the wear layer, which is available in several thickness ranges, the more resilient your carpeting will be.

  • Top Layer Printed

The credibility of the “W” in WPC comes from this layer. The printed top layer gives depth and realism similar to what one may see in traditional hardwood floors thanks to 3D printing technology.

  • Basic Layer

The infrastructure layer is where your money is best spent. When exposed to liquid, stagnant water, or any other type of moisture, this high-density, stable waterproof center won’t swell, contract, or peel.

WPC flooring
  • Supporting Layer

This layer, also referred to as the backbone of the flooring, offers your planks more sound installation and is inherently mold and mildew resistant.

Cost Discussion for WPC

Compared to other conventional flooring materials, wood-plastic combination flooring has lower upfront expenses, making it a very cost-effective alternative. Due to its exceptional durability and essential protection, WPC may offer substantial, long-term value when installed appropriately. If you think installing WPC flooring in your building would be beneficial, our experts can assist you in choosing the materials that are suitable for your needs in terms of price, design, and environmental factors.

WPC flooring

Other benefits 

  • It is totally waterproof 

This is the WPC vinyl trademark, after all. Only glazed man-made tile, another type of flooring, can make the 100% waterproof claim.

ideal for subfloors with imperfections.

  • Realistic-looking stone and wood 

Really, vinyl is evolving. Rapidly. The highest quality vinyl floors can now more accurately replicate natural materials than ever before. Since WPC vinyl is the finest of the best, the appearances are frequently stunning and highly realistic.

  • More durable than ceramic tile

It is true that you could just purchase a waterproof tile that has a hardwood or stone appearance. But the tile is difficult. Your joints and feet won’t thank you if you spend all day leaning on a tile floor. Vinyl is far more pleasant and robust.

  • Maintenance 

There is none. To maintain your WPC looking fantastic, all you need to do is vacuum once in a while and mop with a moist cloth. 

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